Chaplains cast a Pebble for Holy Week and Easter

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April 5, 2020
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April 6, 2020
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Chaplains cast a Pebble for Holy Week and Easter

Catholic schools in East Anglia are adapting to a rapidly changing situation and have become virtual communities for their students and families at home. Alex Savage, Lay Chaplain at Notre Dame High School, reports.

To give students a positive and structured start to each day the High School Chaplains in our Diocese have teamed up with the Ignite Team and Jane Crone from CAFOD to produce a series of positive messages called ‘Pebbles’.  Each pebble contains a short passage from scripture, a reflection and some fun activities to do.

Alex Savage, Lay Chaplain at Notre Dame High School says , ‘It is at times like this that we realise how invaluable the communities we belong to truly are.  The messages that we have been sending out have helped our children and staff to draw strength and inspiration together.’

Normally, the Easter holidays are a time for families to spend time together with friends and Church communities.  However, as we are being asked not to leave our homes, schools are looking for ways to continue to support their communities.

So, the Pebble Team have been hard at work producing a colourful presentation to guide families through the spiritual journey of Holy Week to Easter Sunday.  As Alex explains ‘The readings for each day seem particularly relevant at this time.  They can help us all to come to terms with the difficulties that we face and to find hope for the future.’

This special edition of the Pebble includes links to podcasts and Live Stream Masses that families can join in from home.

To catch the Pebble presentation, visit 

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay