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April 6, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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Rainbow in the window: a Holy Week reflection

As we begin Holy Week, Rebecca Bretherton shares a reflection on the significance of the rainbow.

This week as I enjoy my daily walk, rainbows have popped up in the windows I pass by. They are there to show NHS employees we appreciate their work saving lives. People want to express their gratitude even while staying indoors. In these extraordinary weeks we are learning how to do things differently.

 Christians share with our Jewish brothers and sisters a theological understanding of the rainbow. The rainbow which appeared to Noah as the flood dried up was a sign of the very good news: God keeps his promises. Over and over again in the Old Testament, God showed His people that He was with them through difficulties and triumphs. This has been especially commemorated at the feast of Passover as the Jewish people remember God’s protective love when he set them free from slavery in Egypt.

Holy Week is our time as Christians to remember and to enter into God’s loving gift of His passion, death and resurrection. He frees us all from sin and death. And gives us, should we choose it, everlasting life with Him. Good News indeed!

During previous Holy Weeks we met together at church for worship. Through the traditional giving of palm crosses and Good Friday Walks of Witness in cities and towns we were able to tell people outside church what God is offering us all. Holy Week 2020 will be extraordinary as we must pause our usual practices but we can still share our Good News.

 An idea for Holy Week:

The poster on the right is available on the website of the Knights of St Columba Fold back the lower ‘He is Risen’ section and then reveal it on Easter Day. (Or you could design your own).

By displaying this poster in our windows, we can share the Good News about what happens in Holy Week with our neighbours as they take their daily exercise. This is the Good News of what happened in the most extraordinary week ever.

Top Image by Pexels from Pixabay