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January 8, 2018
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East Anglia links to new film teaching course on Mary

A new video course on Mary, called Let It Be, has been produced by Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE), with several Diocese of East Anglia links behind it.

The TV-quality film provides an inspiring journey through Mary’s life past and present, and it begins at the national Catholic Marian Shrine in Walsingham.

Shrine Rector, Monsignor John Armitage, and the Sisters at the Community of Our Lady of Walsingham, powerfully set the scene before the film helps viewers experience the wonders of the Holy Land.

Holy Land expert Fr Paul Maddison, Parish Priest in March and Director of the Pilgrimage People charity, helped CaFE film at all the key Marian sites before giving a moving interview on a Jerusalem rooftop about Mary’s courageous presence in Holy Week.

The film then visits the traditional place of Mary’s older life in Ephesus before visiting Rome, Montserrat near Barcelona, Lourdes and Knock.

It includes a creative mix of well-known experts such as Cardinal Nichols and Papal Preacher Fr Cantalamessa (filmed during a recent visit to Walsingham). It also features powerful testimonies from Mary’s Meals, ex-gangster John Pridmore and many others from around the UK.

David Payne, the film’s director, said: "The time is ripe for a fresh and inspiring film about Mary’s life, her inspiring witness of faith and her powerful intercessory prayers."

Mgr Armitage said: "It’s very important to have a resource like Let It Be to help us to do more than just ‘go through the motions’. It will help us grow in our prayer and give us a deeper relationship with our Blessed Mother Mary."

Full details and a short trailer of the course, which is suitable for parishes, groups and individuals, are available at or by calling CaFE on0845 050 9428.

Pictured above in a clip from the film is Fr Paul Maddison (left) withDavid Payne at the Church of Annunciation, Nazareth.

See a trailer of the film below.