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Norfolk author sheds light on US abortion debate

A book about respect for life, written by a parishioner from St John’s Cathedral in Norwich, sheds light on the current US abortion debate being considered by its Supreme Court.

The case being considered by the Supreme Court proposing restrictions to abortion in the US is currently receiving much media coverage. There is passionate debate both for and against the case, but the opponents of the proposal are the vocal majority.

One of the chapters in Anita Dowsing’s book, A Good Life-at Any Price, New Threats to Human Life in Our Times, considers the issues in this debate from a Christian standpoint. She discusses in detail the conflict between women’s rights over their bodies and the right to life of unborn children. This book then provides accessible background material on the current debate in America and also in Britain.

Other chapters in the book cover the Embryo, Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, Quality Control of Human Life, Legislation and Christian Teaching, Suffering and a Good Life towards an Inclusive Society.

Anita grew up in Denmark’s tiny Catholic community, but has spent most of her adult life in the UK. She has worked in adult religious education within the Diocese of East Anglia and is a parishioner of the Cathedral parish of St John the Baptist.

Anita Dowsing’s book – A Good Life – at Any Price? – is available from Gracewing at £14.99 + postage. You can also order from anita_dowsing

Pictured above is Anita Dowsing.