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Ely helps answer prayers of Cambodia twin parish

The parish of Ely became the answer to the prayers of Prek Toal, its twinned community in Cambodia, when it was able to provide funds to save the floating schoolroom next to the floating church reports Stella Fox.

Earlier this year the schoolroom at Prek Toal was about to sink into the Tonle Sap lake as the raft on which it floats had completely disintegrated.

In February this year when a group from Ely parish visited we heard that the work on the repairs could start as the parish had managed to raise all the funds needed.

Fr Totet, the parish priest, had prayed on the feast of St Joseph for some help to do this essential work as he had no idea where to find the money.  One of his youths had told him that same night not to worry as he would hear some good news that day.

Later that night Fr Totet opened his emails to find a message from Ely stating that the money was on its way. His prayers had been answered.

The work is now complete and the schoolroom is looking totally new. The work was done by members of the community, also providing them with some income. Once again the children will be able to have some basic teaching so essential for their spiritual education and general development. They will now also have a place to enjoy the rice soup which is so important for their nutrition.

Pictured above are students in the floating schoolroom at Prek Toal, Cambodia, which was saved and repaired after funds were provided by supporters in Ely parish.

The summer catechism camp for 180 children in the Siem Reap parish in Cambodia has been financed by a member of the Ely parish group who visited the twinned parish earlier this year. The children spent six days studying the parables of Jesus. The children were transported from many remote areas and housed and fed for the week by the parish.

Alice Fox donated her birthday collection which provided half of the money needed. Alice is in the Newmarket parish and has joined the Ely group for the last two visits.