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April 6, 2020
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April 7, 2020
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Family in Bungay creates virtual chapel to attend Mass

A family from St Edmund, King and Martyr parish in Bungay, Suffolk, have created a virtual chapel in their home as they join Mass while self-isolating.

Cathy Scott, who is self-isolating with her husband Andrew, and their daughter and son-in-law, writes below about the virtual chapel at their home in Alburgh.

Our ‘virtual chapel’ was all Andrew’s idea. He is a great one for wanting to set a scene and create the right atmosphere, and it certainly helps to put one in the moment and make the experience feel a bit less removed from the reality.  

It feels very alien to me not to be going to church every week, something I so rarely do even when away from home or abroad on holiday (something my children will attest to!)

So anything that helps to make more of a ceremony of the live streaming is important to me.  Sitting on the sofa watching the TV would not feel the same.  

I use my missal as usual and we say all the words out loud as if we are in church. I also read the Spiritual Communion prayers that are in the missal as that helps with the sadness and slight emptiness I feel at not receiving communion.  

These are such strange times, so getting used to the new normal on something that is so ingrained is very thought-provoking and a little challenging.

One other thing is that instead of singing happy birthday twice when I wash my hands, I’ve timed that an Our Father and a Hail Mary cover about 28 seconds – a great way to add some extra praying into one’s day!

You can watch Masses at St John’s Cathedral in Norwich on YouTube

Pictured above is the family in Bungay joining live streamed Mass at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, Norwich