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May 24, 2021
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Ignite year could change your life says Ciaran

Spending a year with the Diocese of East Anglia Ignite Youth Team can be a life-changing experience and applications are now open for those who might like to join from September 2021.

Ciaran Losasso has been both a team member and the team leader and would highly recommend the experience.

“I have found being on the team so fulfilling. It has given me such a wide range of experiences – working with all sorts of different children and young people in all sorts of different places and learning many things along the way,” says Ciaran. “It’s such a privilege to be able to share the Gospel with others and pray that they grow closer to Jesus, who really does change lives. This sense of fulfilment has kept me involved with the Ignite Team for over four years now. 

“A year with the team can be challenging at times but is always rewarding, knowing that you are playing just a small part in the task left to us by the Lord and being invited into the lives of young people all around our Diocese. 

“The team has included people from many different backgrounds, who join for a number of different reasons. I’d really encourage anyone who is in the age group and interested in working with young people, in serving the Church or in trying something different, to consider spending a year with us. There is room for all sorts of talents to be put to good use and to develop some new skills too! Why not make an application and see what happens?”

A year with Ignite is suited to all sorts of people including those who have just finished school, college or university or those looking to try something new or different for a year. Perhaps you  would like to gain experience working with young people or feel you could benefit from giving a year to serve God and others.

Accommodation and food are provided along with a monthly allowance of £200.

Applications are open for 18-29 year olds to join the team in September 2021 with a deadline of July 10. Enquiries are also welcome from those interested in joining in September 2022.

For more details, email Ciaran on igniteteam@rcdea.org.uk or visit www.rcdea.org.uk/youth where there is an application form.

Pictured above is Ciaran Losasso on the Ignite First Fridays YouTube show.