Norwich surgeon appeals for support after free operation pledge

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February 2, 2018
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February 10, 2018
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Norwich surgeon appeals for support after free operation pledge

A Catholic Norwich surgeon is appealing for support after agreeing to operate for free on a young Tanzanian health care worker to restore the use of her legs and give her a brighter future.

John Nolan, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and parishioner at St John's Cathedral in Norwich, was introduced to 23-year-old Adelaida during a recent visit to Tanzania by his uncle Francis who has been a Catholic missionary priest there for 50 years.

John said: "Adelaida was training as a healthcare assistant but is now unable to work or even walk very far as her hips have been badly damaged by Sickle Cell Disease. There is no suitable option for surgery in Mwanza and I have offered to replace her hips for free, here in Norwich.

"The Norfolk and Norwich Hospital has agreed to allow me to carry out her surgery as a privately-funded patient towards the end of May, and some of our wonderful Filipino theatre nurses, and two of my consultant colleagues, have offered to give up a Sunday morning in May, for no charge, to help me."

John needs to find some accommodation for Adelaida, ideally in a Catholic household, for part or all of her four-month stay, from the end of April to August, in or around Norwich.

He said: "Adelaida is charming but shy and does speak some English. I will be on hand to help with any issues throughout her stay."

John is also appealing for help in meeting Adelaida's hospital costs and you can donate here.

Alternatively you can contact John at

Pictured above is Tanzanian health care worker Adelaida who is coming to Norwich for an operation.