Paula provides some direction for the spiritual journey

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Paula provides some direction for the spiritual journey

Paula Pearce moved into the diocese during lockdown and will be working as a spiritual director. Margaret Mary McFadyen provides an introduction.

Paula is a trained and experienced spiritual director whose roots are in Franciscan spirituality. She is a member of the Secular Franciscan Order. She has also been involved in the Ignatian way. She has found that both traditions tie in very well together. Her training on the Ignatian top-up course at The Centre for Spiritual Direction on Lombard Street (where I also did my training) enables her to accompany people who want to go through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. 

Like myself, Paula focuses on scripture and on meeting people where they are in their own faith journey. She prefers to offer face-to-face direction and would only work online if it was absolutely necessary or in circumstances that temporarily preclude travel.

It is good practice for spiritual directors to have supervision. Paula describes it as a privilege to be supervised, in the same way that it is a privilege to have a spiritual director. Paula explains that the purpose for supervision is to help the director make sure that they are aware of where they are. The supervisor can see things that could get in the way and bring that out to the surface. As in the relationship with the person being directed, is about trust: trust in the person we are talking to, and importantly, trust that God is present and working in the conversation. 

In the exploratory conversation Paula finds out where that person is on their journey and if spiritual direction is the right thing at this time. She asks how prayer is and what someone is hoping for from the spiritual direction.

You can watch an interview with Paula here.

Paula will also soon have a room next to her home in Blofield Heath near Norwich where she will provide direction. It in an outbuilding which will be her space for prayer, study and meetings.

She is prepared to travel to a suitable place, though not someone’s home, unless they are housebound or unable to travel. A donation towards petrol or travel costs would be appreciated. For the direction itself she will ask for a donation in line with the earnings of the person being directed. This is discussed in the video interview.

To get in touch with Paula, please contact Margaret Mary ( who is Diocesan Representative to the Bishops’ Spirituality Commission. She will pass on your details.

Pictured above is Paula Pearce.