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July 19, 2017
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Peter receives Ministry of Acolyte from Bishop in Rome

Diocese of East Anglia seminarian Peter Wygnanski received the Ministry of Acolyte at a conferral at the English College at Pallazola in Rome from his very own Bishop, Alan Hopes on July 9.

Peter has just finished his third year of seminary and the first year of theology at the Gregorian University.

Acolyte is the second ministry seminarians receive, to help priests and deacons at the altar.

Peter received the Ministry of Acolyte from Bishop Alan who was there by invitation of the EnglishCollege, which invites bishops to confer ministries, when the opportunityarises to do so, to one of their own seminarians.

The Mass and Conferral took place at the church of Our Lady of the Snows in Palazzola.

Peter said: "Receivingthe Ministry of Acolyte is a great step towards discerning priesthood, and it was a particular joy to welcome Bishop Alan amongst the community of the English College for the occasion.

"The liturgy conferring the ministry challenges new acolytes to live more fully by the Lord’s sacrifice and to be moulded more perfectly in its likeness, so in this spirit of taking up our cross to follow Christ, we strive towards that to which God calls us.

Pictured above is Bishop Alan conferring the ministry on Peter Wygnanski and, above, also with Canon David Paul and Fr Padraig Hawkins, who also attended the conferral.