Researcher seeks memories of Sue Ryder home

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Researcher seeks memories of Sue Ryder home

Desmond Crone of Suffolk Archives is researching the history of what is now Devonshire House in Cavendish, headquarters of the Sue Ryder Foundation from 1953 to 2001.

Sue Ryder and her husband Leonard Cheshire were both from Suffolk, both converts to the Catholic Church, and each founded a network of homes for people with disabilities.

Desmond’s project is part of the work preparing for the House and Home Exhibition, which will take place at Suffolk Archives next year. He has found a bit of a gap in the material available about the site when it was the Sue Ryder Home and headquarters.

Desmond explains: “Fortunately, Father David Middleton, from Clare Priory, was able to help by putting me in touch with a parishioner who knew the home well as a volunteer at the chapel for many years, and she introduced me to others who were willing to be interviewed. This enabled me to gather some fascinating information from former staff at the Home for Suffolk Archives that could otherwise easily have been lost.”

Perhaps further afield across the diocese there are others who also have memories of the Sue Ryder Home in Cavendish that they would like to share.

If so, and you are happy to have a chat please do get in touch with Desmond on email:

Pictured above is Desmond Crone