Sarah shares vision for prayer on the air

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October 31, 2019
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Sarah shares vision for prayer on the air

An international network of Catholic radio stations dedicated to prayer may soon have a branch in East Anglia.

Sarah Taylor is part of a group of Catholics which has been working to set up the new radio station in Cambridge.

She reports: “Radio Maria England will join the world family of Radio Maria, offering people the opportunity to pray and celebrate with the Church, and working to bring about the gift that flows from the Gospel: salvation through Jesus Christ for every person.”

The President of the group, Charles Wilson, ran the Cambridge Marathon as part of a fundraising effort to launch the station.

Radio Maria was first founded in Italy and now operates 77 radio stations throughout the world, in 65 languages. Maria Rosaria Piemonte from Italy is one person who has been impacted by the station.

She explains: “During my teenage years I did not practise and would go to church only occasionally, maybe at Easter or Christmas. One day my mum bought a small, grey portable radio and Radio Maria became a steady presence in our house. We were reluctant to listen at first, but over time the words of the catechesis and those prayers began to resonate in my heart.

“Live prayer is the heart of Radio Maria, and through it I discovered the Rosary. I remember with joy those moments when I and my mother Cristina would pray the Rosary along with Radio Maria.

“I was at university then, busy with exams, but that time spent in the presence of God was the most precious. Radio Maria helped my mum and me to build a stronger relationship with God through prayer. Radio Maria brings to every home not ideas but a presence, His loving Presence in our hearts.”

Sarah Taylor reports: “Radio Maria England will work for the evangelisation of our country, and to promote the Catholic faith. The work is entrusted to Our Lady, and it is appropriate that we aim to found the station as the Bishops of England prepare to re-dedicate our country as the Dowry of Mary in 2020.”

Radio Maria has no commercial advertising. Its operations are entrusted to Divine Providence, and the Cambridge radio station will rely on charitable donations and on help from willing volunteers.

If you would like to support the project in any way please contact Sarah at

The picture above shows three delegates of Radio Maria England (Fr Sam Randall, Sarah Taylor and Dominic Oveniran) at an international rosary in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome