Silver and bronze medals for Peterborough altar servers

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January 23, 2018
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January 25, 2018
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Silver and bronze medals for Peterborough altar servers

The large altar servers team at the Parish of St Peter and All Souls and Our Lady of Lourdes in Peterborough has been boosted with the award of one silver medal and six bronze medals. Head MC Clive Sheridan reports.

St Stephen's Day is very important day for altar servers and in December we received a new member of the Silver Guild of St Stephen, we re-blessed two other silver medal holders and gave out six bronze medals.

Cameron Smith has served at Our Lady of Lourdes (OLOL) for over 10 years and is now MC at the parish with his brother Tyler Smith. Cameron is currently at university in Nottingham, and has continued to serve at Nottingham Cathedral while there.

He is very willing to get involved and very good at helping the younger servers at our parish. When he is visiting his parents in Peterborough, he serves diligently and is always a great role model.

Myself as Head MC and my brother Luke Sheridan have also had our medals re-blessed, which was important for both of us. We have held our silvers for three years each and serve every week. I have served for 17 years and my brother for 15 years, and together with Cameron we hold over 40 years of experience under our belts. We all train servers and we are also responsible for looking after them while on the altar.

At St Peter and All Souls and OLOL we have a large guild of servers with a range of experience. We are very lucky to have four servers currently holding silver medals, which in some parishes is unheard of. We also have a large number of bronze medal holders which is where they are received into the Guild after the MC deems them to have passed their probationary period.

At All Souls and also OLOL, we will continue to provide a good serving team and offer continuous training and we are always looking for new and upcoming servers.

Pictured above is the altar servers team at St Peter and All Souls in Peterborough.